We feel that our products should perform as well as they look

Attention to detail

We feel that our products should perform as well as they look. To be able to offer this commitment of quality as standard, we are very specific about the manufacturers we use, and we ensure they have the same attention to detail in place that we want to offer to you the purchaser of our products. Such is our confidence in our manufacturers, we offer a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects (excludes moving and serviceable parts, neglect and abuse). We also offer a 10 year guarantee on the chrome plating.

All products are manufactured to the highest standards, which include BS5412, BS1010, TMV2 & TMV3. Most products incorporate WRAS approved components. Such is our commitment to quality and customer peace of mind.

Our Environment and Wellbeing

We all know how precious water is to our general wellbeing, and how we can take steps ourselves to reduce the amount of water we use. In our continued commitment to water wastage we have developed eco filters that can be fitted to our products to restrict the amount of litres per minute of water. As well as these filters there are Sensor taps, handsets and shower heads, all of which are, or can be, adapted to limit water usage where required. We also strongly believe that our products should be manufactured and distributed by people who work in Safe and Healthy working conditions. And we also want our products to have the minimal effect on the environment.

In our ongoing commitment to being environmentally aware, we endeavour to comply at all times to our Environmental Management Policy.

Environmental Management Policy

We have outlined a number of points, listed below, that we can follow to ensure we as a company continue to work toward our goal of being a greener company.

• Make sure that our environmental policies remain up to date with current standard
• Minimisation of waste and maximisation of recycling of suitable packaging
• Compliance with all local and national environmental policies
• Recycling of damaged and/or unsaleable goods
• To inform and educate the employees of these policies and listen to and include any ideas they may have
• Allow our suppliers and customers who have interest in our impact on the environment to send us their comments and suggestions
• To update our products to better aid our environmental goals
• To ensure that these guidelines are readily available to all employees and anyone who requires them.